Toxic Household Cleaners: 4 Friends Not to Bring Home

spray bottlesYou think they’re your friends—but they’re not. You invite them home, give them their own room, even take a shower or wash dishes with them. You believe they are safe, but are they?

Who are these treacherous scoundrels—these threats to your Home and Family? They are everyday grocery store cleaning products—brands you have trusted for years. How did you get fooled so badly?

Here are just four of the potentially dangerous everyday items you may be taking home from your friendly neighborhood grocery store:

1. Chlorine Bleach: Words most often used by physicians and scientists to describe this product are “poisonous, toxic, and corrosive.” It can burn your skin, lungs, and eyes. Combined with other common chemicals, it produces a poisonous gas. One of the most common places you’ll find bleach in the home is in dishwasher detergent.  So if you have bleach in your home, you might ask yourself one question: Why?

2. Disinfectants: Quats or quaternary ammonium compounds, are the most commonly used active ingredients in home-use disinfectants. Quats are eye irritants and require warning label cautions and are poisonous if ingested. Actually—if you would read the cautions on the labels, you probably wouldn’t touch the stuff in the first place.

3. Glass Cleaner: Come on, this can’t be bad for you, can it? From eye and skin irritation to a serious problem if swallowed, this harmless-looking liquid can clean your clock, not just your windows. Most grocery store glass cleaners are fueled by ammonia, a chemical so powerful that even a tiny bit is dangerous. Add ammonia to bleach, and you create a lethal gas.

4. All-Purpose Cleaners: The idea sounds great: cleans most anything. To do that, though, most of these products combine substances you don’t want your family to smell or touch: ammonia, formaldehyde, chlorine bleach, and others. All-purpose cleaners can be a soup kitchen of toxicity.

Listen: your family depends upon you to keep them safe, but you can’t depend upon most manufacturers or retailers to help you do that. Today is the day to start a diligent search for products that are safer for your home. Products able to get your toughest cleaning chores done, but without the dangers of toxic chemicals. After all, true friends would never do you harm.

To find out more about safer-for-your home and environmentally friendly products, contact J.


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