Trace Minerals: Are Fruits and Vegetables Still Healthy?

Are Fruits and Vegetables Still Healthy?

Are Fruits and Vegetables Still Healthy?


What if you read headlines like this in your local newspaper, or heard them being announced on the evening news—what would you think? What would you do?

Would you go looking for those vegetable seeds you bought a few years ago? Move to the country and plant a garden?

Those frightening news releases, though, aren’t imaginary headlines—they are real—and there is growing global concern that the super-modern, agri- giant, mechanized farming systems we have developed and championed aren’t working as planned. We are the most overfed—yet undernourished—people ever seen on planet earth.

What Happened?

No one factor can be blamed, but here are three generally recognized concerns:

1. Over-farming and one-crop farming have led to severe trace mineral depletion of crop soil. When there are fewer nutrients in the soil, there are fewer nutrients available to plants grown there.

2. there is no way the best synthetic fertilizer available can replace the natural nutritive value of organic compost. synthetics are primarily composed of three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium. Compost provides (the natural form of) those and much more. Crops, like people, need a variety of nutrients in order to thrive.

3. We no longer get our vegetables from the garden out back. More likely, they are grown hundreds or thousands of miles away from home, picked early, and transported by truck or rail. Moreover, much of what we eat is not fresh at all—it has been subjected to an assembly line series of processes for mixing, canning, freezing, or bagging before it reaches the dinner table. Food math goes like this: the more a food is processed, the less valuable it is nutritionally.

In the long term, we need to reevaluate and redesign our agricultural system. in the short-term: buy organic and be glad you found J’sMakeGreenGoGreen. Oligo can help fill the gap between the vitamins and trace minerals you are getting and the vitamins and minerals you need. Contact J for more info today.


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