Boost Your Metabolism – Want to Know How to Boost Your Metabolism?

It Doesn't Need to Be This Way :)

It Doesn’t Need to Be This Way šŸ™‚

The topic of how to boost your metabolism is a fun one. Some just weren’t blessed with a high metabolism, and will definitely benefit from any tips that will help with weight loss and specifically focusing on ways to boost your metabolism. Here are some facts and tips that should help get you started.

Health and fitness experts claim that 80% of weight loss is related to diet, and 20% is related to exercise. Total fitness requires attention to both, but no amount of exercise can compensate for an inadequate/nutrient poor diet. Review your diet and create a plan to add nutrients and subtract junk foods to support fat loss and boost your metabolism.

Further, most illness can be improved or even eliminated with proper attention to diet. Junk foods, processed sugar, excess salt, trans fats, chemical additives and vitamin/mineral deficiencies contribute vastly to ill health. Commit to eliminating one junk food per week, and adding one nutritious food per week as a solid tip to kick off your weight loss plan.

An analysis of 31 weight loss studies found that two-thirds of dieters regained more weight than was lost within 5 years of dieting. Health experts suggest that stimulating the metabolism after calorie restriction is the key to maintaining weight loss. Consider a diet low in starchy carbohydrates with consistent exercise to re-establish metabolism after calorie restriction, or consult with a nutritionist trained in weight loss strategies for help developing a diet to reset and kick start metabolism.

When faced with calorie restriction, the body automatically reduces metabolism to ensure survival, which slows weight loss and is the cause of “plateaus.” Consume a low carbohydrate, high protein diet combined with exercise to help increase metabolism after calorie restriction to avoid gaining back lost weight. The combination of protein and exercise signals the body that the crisis is over, and it is safe to burn fat instead of saving it for famine conditions.

Lastly, a study from Yale University reveals one more reason why it is so important to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, preferably starting before midnight. It appears that disruption in the circadian clock, or mechanism that regulates the 24 hour cycle of sleep and metabolism, can have harmful effects on the immune system, leading to decreased ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. To maximize health and vitality and kick start your metabolism, get your sleep regularly and try not to “push the clock!”

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