Exercise: It Doesn’t Have to Be As Dreadful As a Root Canal To Burn Fat!

Sick of Your Routine? Try Yoga!

Sick of Your Routine? Try Yoga!

Exercise: Get Up and Go!

The benefits of regular exercise are hard to exaggerate. It can help stave off depression, strengthen muscles, solidify bones, reduce risk for heart disease, reduce body fat, boost brain health, mitigate stress, and the list goes on. So why do some people dread it? Why do some people treat going out for a jog like getting a root canal at the dentist office? (I know I often do!) Here are a few ideas as to why some people are exercise averse, and a few more ideas for getting past those obstacles and out the door or into the gym.

1.) Soreness Exercise hurts! Well sometimes anyway. Starting a new exercise routine often means awakening muscle fibers you don’t use very often. Those muscles can sometimes be a little more vulnerable to damage. Guess what? – When they repair themselves they will be that much better at dealing with it next time. So keep at it! Also, try including a nutritional snack or exercise bar for each workout. It’ll reduce your soreness, boost your performance, and help you burn a little more body fat along the way.

2.) Flying Solo – Sometimes adopting a new exercise routine means going to a new place like the gym, the pool, or the track. It can be a little intimidating to go sweat and strain in front of people you don’t know especially when those people look like movie stars in their workout clothing. Some folks need company when they work out, so bring a friend, take a class, or join an existing workout group. Tell your BFF you’ll give her an energy bar if she’ll join you at the gym.

3.) Fitting It In – Exercise might mean changing up your schedule, missing your favorite show, or even giving up some other worthy hobby. But if you’re determined to enjoy those benefits — the ones listed above — you’ll need to find a way to get your workout in. If you need to, sit down with a spouse, business partner, or whoever and calendar out your week so they know when you’ll be working out. Tell them you need to make exercise a nonnegotiable because hey, who doesn’t! And ask them to get on board with your workout routine. Getting a little buy-in from the important people in your life will make your regimen easier to keep up.

4.) Getting Results – If you’re expecting to hit the gym once to become a supermodel, you may be disappointed. The real benefits of exercise, come overtime and that means you’ll need to be patient and stick with it. In the meantime, set milestone goals, run farther, lift more weight, make it through the whole class, and then come back for another one etc. If you get caught up in your milestones, you’ll someday be surprised to look in the mirror and see a slimmer stronger you.

5.) Fatigue – If you keep up the same routine nonstop for months on end, you’ll eventually reach a point that feels something like burnout. When that happens you’ll be tempted to take a week sit down in front of the TV and munch on some junk food. Don’t do it! Instead just switch up your routine. If you’ve been running or cycling visit the weight room. If you’ve been pumping iron, try the swimming pool. It’ll restore your excitement for your next workout and make you a more complete athlete.

6.) Nutrition – You wouldn’t put sugar in the gas tank of your favorite sports car and you need to be just as discerning about the fuel you work out with. Fill in the gaps in your nutrition with vitamins. It isn’t easy to climb out of your comfortable bed first thing in the morning (especially in the winter months) and venture out into the cold for a jog, but when you’re happier and healthier you’ll be glad you made some sacrifices to achieve your wellness goals.

Want to be slimmer, stronger, faster, healthier, happier and smarter? Want to sleep better and feel less stressed? Put aside your dread and get moving!

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To Your Success!


4 thoughts on “Exercise: It Doesn’t Have to Be As Dreadful As a Root Canal To Burn Fat!

  1. I love to workout. It’s how I start each day. I feel super guilty and not quite the same if I don’t workout. Sometimes I have to schedule it like any other appointment that I wouldn’t miss – but it’s worth it. Love #6!

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