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Jen and BK

Born and raised in a delightful yet boring suburb of Philadelphia, I went off to college to another charming yet dreary town of Pennsylvania. Broadening my horizons! A small liberal arts college tucked into the heart of Amish country that, looking back I prob should have engaged in a bit more. Horse and buggies and shoo fly pie is really all I know about Lancaster. I’d like to say my most cherished win from college was my notable education, but really it’s the two blue bling rings that I rock on a daily basis representing our 2 national championship lacrosse titles. Should have been 3, damnit. Yeer dips! The Diplomats were our mascot…don’t act like you’re not intimidated by Ben Franklin and his baller bifocals. Oh, and I also cherish my boyfriend and buddies who I would not have met if I hadn’t gone to F&M. Sorry, guys.

My sports background helped pave the path for my career in sales since a lot of sales & marketing and business in general relates to athletics. Get a strategic game plan together, execute it, win, do it again. Life is simple, right? Ha. After college, I moved to Washington, DC to start working in the “real world.” Here I am today after a solid start to a career in healthcare IT sales, living with my college boyfriend, our other roommate and my beautiful adopted daughter, Rat Bastard. (You can call her RB.)

At the later end of 27, I’m realizing that climbing the corporate ladder is not what I’m looking to do with my life. Does anyone really get jazzed up about the rat race? Rhetorical question. I have the desire to create something of my own, to change the path that I’m currently on, and hopefully to inspire others to do what they want too. (I’m not saying quit your job and start blogging…don’t do that) I’m also committing to healthy living and blogging about it will keep me on track. Thus, begins my journey of “J’s Make Green Go Green.”

If you’re not sure about me yet, here’s a bit more..I don’t consider myself fashionable, but I like trying to be, and would love your help along the way. I usually get stressed about picking an outfit and instead choose to roll around in sweats..maybe yoga pants. Style can be learned right? I’ve always been “skinny” but not necessarily “fit” at least not since college. In fact, in high school at times I was bullied for being too skinny even though I would house 2 Big Mac meals in a day at times. I also don’t think I hit puberty till like 19 or 20.

Anyway, I digress. I’m the lead vocals in a classic rock cover band with 4 dudes that I think of as cool uncles. We play at local pubs about twice a month. Making it BIG! Traveling has been a favorite activity instilled in me at a young age thanks to my parents. Although, back then I slept through most of the trips missing out on many wonders of the world. Regret.

Despite some solid accomplishments, I’m a procrastinator, not a morning person, and haven’t seen the floor of my car since I bought it in 2012. A latte (or 2 or 10) a day, keeps the monster’s away. That and Woodford Reserve on the rocks. All are things that I recognize I need to work on moving forward. Enough about me, but I hope that helps and look forward to getting to know you!


2 thoughts on “About J

  1. I’ve heard great things about F&M! :]

    I am with you on the sweat pants/yoga pants! I’m all for comfort, haha. (Every once in a blue moon though, I will try. Kindasorta.)

    It’s awesome that you’re in a band! My friends and I formed one last year, but we’ve really only performed once. :[ Med school makes the whole getting-together-to-practice thing a little difficult.

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