Fun Facts About J

  1. My right foot is a whole size bigger than my left. Makes shoe buying a bitch. If you’re curious, I shove my right foot into the smaller size. Beauty is pain and my feet are huge.
  2. I once won a bet because I was able to list all 53 active players on the Steelers roster from memory. This was after multiple martinis too!
  3. I lived abroad in Madrid and became fluent in Spanish..I’ve since lost all ability to speak it
  4. In high school I took up and mastered riding a Unicycle..could have spent more of that time on my studies. Oh well.
  5. I love pets of all kinds..had 3 guinea pigs, 2 dogs, and 2 mice at one point. I trained Jack and Jill to do tricks..the mice, not the dogs. and had lots of fish. Do they count?
  6. On my high school soccer team, my favorite thing to do was head the ball. I would throw my head at anything in the air. I coined the nick name “good head Jen” seriously, just from soccer..Get your mind out of the gutter!
  7. I found my band on Craigslist. In hindsight, showing up for the audition alone, in the dark, to a strangers’ garage sans pepper spray or a good right hook was a bit foolish, but it worked out well
  8. On my parents’ honeymoon, a man tried to make a trade with my dad..7 camels for my mother. He considered the offer, and politely declined. Happy that was his choice..
  9. When I was born I had a full head of jet black hair and dark, tan skin. My mom insisted they mixed me up with another, my dad was worried there was a milk man..
  10. My boyfriend and I almost broke up due to an argument over who would win in a fight: Brad Pitt in Troy or Russel Crow in Gladiator. I think the answer is obvious. Who do you think? Debate!
  11. 11 is my lucky number for many reasons. It was my number in lacrosse, June 11th is my birthday, March 11th is my Bfs birthday, 11/11 is my dogs birthday (she was a rescue…so we made that her birthday..still counts!) December 11th is my anniversary.
Just hangin with my [wax] people...

Just hangin with my [wax] people…


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