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Achieve the Life You Want!

This business has successful people from many backgrounds. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, stay at home mom, student, teacher, senior citizen, accountant or real estate professional this is the business you have been searching for. Here are some real success stories within our business…


SueP Sue P. -PA (Retirement Plan)

Sue’s original business background comes from the corporate world –  18 years in the computer industry before starting a real estate investment business from home for the next 15 years.  That helped her to have the flexibility she wanted with her two children and to be able to attend their activities as a priority.

When she began her 3rd career, it was for new reasons: to stay feeling young and vibrant, and relevant, while staying flexible with her time to enjoy and discover new things and new people.

The results are that it has enabled her and her husband to retire earlier than planned, given them flexibility to travel, visit family, and generally take a good life to a great one.  She calls it Retirement without Compromise.

“Our Plan B has helped us to be able to treat family members to join us on wonderful trips, like to Ireland and Paris.  It’s helped us pay for college tuitions so our children could graduate debt free, providing them with a “burden-free beginning”.   It’s helped me to be available for aging parents’ needs as they transition from independent living.  And with these last few years of uneasy economic times, we’ve been able to stay “retired without compromise”: providing us an extra steady, solid income that didn’t require us to pull out investment income to survive – what peace of mind!”



Kim C. -FL (Single Mom)

Kim is a single mom with 4 children. Her 2 older kids are in college now and she has 2 younger sons at home. She has a great life! She has built a very large team with this company and really enjoys empowering women to achieve success.

“In 18 years with this business, I’ve earned over $18 Million, and I still feel that I’m doing someone a favor every time I share the presentation.”

We have a strong team of successful women. In her own personal business, she has helped several people earn high five, six and seven figure incomes, annually from home! We aren’t done yet! We can help you too!

Beth S. -VA (Corporate Career to Entrepreneur)
For Beth, family has always come first. That’s why she chose to leave Corporate America, and stay home with her children. But she wanted her daughters to be able to take private piano lessons, swim on year round swim teams and go to the finest colleges, so she knew she would need to contribute to her family’s income.She partnered with a company that had a compelling track record of success, glowing credentials from the BBB, US Chamber of Commerce and the DSA.
“It was one of the best decisions she I have ever made. I am proud that my children have been able to watch their mom operate a growing business with integrity, with passion, and on her own schedule, and I want to challenge YOU to answer this ‘call to action’ just as I did.”
Aside from the benefit of being blessed with a lucrative income, the remarkable working relationships she has with her loyal customers, and team members is a testimony to the value and the life enhancing benefits we offer. 

HeidiBHeidi B. – CA (Stay at Home Mom)

After weighing the value of her job and the importance of being there for her daughters, Heidi took a leap of faith and chose not to go back to work. Waving goodbye to a lucrative pharmaceutical career wasn’t an easy choice, but the blow was softened when she found this business at a time when her family needed additional income.

“I never thought before having children that I would say this, but all you moms will know what I meanI want to be a stay at home mom! After having my two daughters I did not want to go back to the corporate world of working late, traveling and not being home.”

She wanted to see every little thing that her daughters learned and experienced. She was fortunate to have a friend that was working from home and making a very nice income. “Here I am four years later, and glad I made the leap into something that gives me flexibility.” Heidi has made nearly $500,000 per year consistently every years since 2009.


Yvette ZYvette Z – MN. (Vitamins Got Her Going)

Yvette didn’t take vitamins. She didn’t think they mattered. After all, she was in good health and had plenty of energy. Fortunately for Yvette, her presenter convinced her to try the 90-Day Challenge.

Through sharing her story, explaining the science, and getting her customers to take the 90-Day approach, Yvette is seeing great success. Just recently, Yvette enrolled a customer who used to regularly purchase from another supplement company. “She watched the video and realized her old stuff was junk,” Yvette says. “And because of the 90-Day Challenge, she literally feels the difference it makes. She left her old company and started building a Make Green Go Green business.”


Kevin&MyrticeKevin and Myrtice -GA (Power Couple) 

Kevin & Myrtice re not very different from millions of other families. Married with a young child they were working hard every day but not earning enough to provide the things they wanted for their family. Then they learned about a company from a friend that manufactured unique consumable products at reasonable prices. The company was strong, stable and debt free and gave the average person a real chance to earn extra income. They started working with that company and in just 18 months were earning over $100,000 per year, and in seven years working with their team, they’ve earned over $1.3 million! Their greatest joy is helping others duplicate their success.

Paulette MPaulette M. -MA (Past Party Plan)

Two words sum up Paulette’s philosophy on building a Make Green Go Green business: consistency and teamwork. Last month marks Paulette’s 15 year anniversary as a marketing executive because of her consistent effort and dedication to her team the milestone was made especially memorable as Paulette surpassed $3 Million in lifetime earnings.

“It’s amazing what can happen when you pay it forward it’s about operating within the mission statement the more you make it about helping other people reach their goals the more successful you’ll be.”


sandiSSandi S. -FL. (For Personal Fulfillment)

The business world is full of very competent successful leaders who finish their careers without leaving a trace. They come, make an impact and they go leaving behind just a handful of fun memories. There are other leaders though who leave a lasting influence. They pave the way for those who follow. They leave a legacy.

Sandi is one of them. When Sandi left corporate America, and started her Make Green Go Green business in October 2004, she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and still contribute to her family’s finances. She built her business part time, and soon found a new sense of relevance and purpose. Sandi’s legacy now transcends the walls of her home reaching a growing number of families across the United States.

“I love being lifted up through lifting others” that’s Sandi’s driving force. That’s her motivation. Sandi’s part-time business has been a remarkable source of income adding over half $1 million to her family finances. Most importantly Sandi has found the perfect vehicle to a fulfilling meaningful life. She’s committed to making a real difference in other people’s lives.

StefanieP Stefanie P. -MN (Young Entrepreneur)

Stefanie is one of the youngest to succeed in this business. By age 21, Stefanie was making a substantial six-figure income. She was able to purchase her first home and pay off the loan, pay off her car, and do things that most aren’t able to do in a lifetime. With her loan paid off Stephanie received the Total Financial Freedom award to symbolize her commitment to a lifetime of financial freedom. Building a thriving business in her early 20s required some sacrifices including missing the occasional Friday night with friends to advance her business. But Stephanie didn’t see it that way , “to me it’s a choice not a sacrifice because I love what I do.” she says.

“I know I’m investing in something that’s going to last.” Stephanie plans to add to her financial freedom by graduating with her bachelor’s degree in business and entrepreneurship without a cent of student loan debt.

She believes that what makes the growth in her business even more fun is that she is forming close friendships with her new business partners. And when you like who you work with, it’s that much easier to do the work, and it’s that much more fulfilling to see them achieve their goals.

“These are the kind of girls I would hang out with on a Friday night,” Stefanie says. “We’re having so much fun together, and I really feel like we’ll be lifelong friends.”

RebeccaCRebecca C -MD Rebecca lives with her husband, Chip, and their 4 children. Thanks to discovering the benefits of working from home with a world class Wellness Company, her family now lives a debt free life. She has had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of changing the course of many family’s financial circumstances, by partnering together and building a large residual business with them.

In just 9 short years her family has earned over 5.5 million dollars, simply by sharing the incredible product line with people just like you!

“The Company is based on solid principles, and continues to rock the Direct Sales industry with record growth, year after year. They offer real products that people are really using, week after week, and month after month. Please take the time to learn all that they have to offer and you’ll be glad that you did! If you enjoy helping others, and want to make a positive impact on both your life, and the lives of others…Rebecca  promises you, you’ll never look back! “

MauraIMaura I. -MD (Nurse to Entrepreneur) 

Maura was an R.N. working in the Operating Room at Johns Hopkins Hospital  five years ago  when she learned about a healthier way to take care of her family.  Maura has 4 sons, 3 had asthma and her oldest had  severe eczema.  After using the products for a month, her boys were off inhalers and the eczema cleared up!   Maura and her husband were so impressed she decided to start telling family and friends.  

Maura was working so much she was always tired and dreamed of a better life.  Plus, she felt like she spent most of her time at the hospital and not with her family.  When she realized how she could help others while working from home  and help her own financial situation she jumped in.   With a large family and all the college tuitions this definitely came at the right time!  Maura is so thankful for her  wonderful team.   Maura looks forward to many years working together and helping everyone achieve their goals!

JaniceTJanice T. (Cancer Survivor)

“Cancer changed my life. Helping others avoid it drives me,” says Janice. “I learned about the link between cancer and carcinogenic consumer products with my mastectomy in 1993.”

She got serious about it in 2001. “I had been a tenured executive in a great industry that downsized. Suddenly, I needed a new career,” she explains. So she formed a business that focused on her ideals. Within 18 months, she was earning six-figures again. “I love the income, but I love freedom and helping others just as much,” she notes. “My goal is to help others become as successful as I am. I show them how!”


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